Are you prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

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AI startups are springing up everywhere these days. Again and again you hear of artificial intelligence. But if you ask the people, there is often confusion about what AI is.

It is often said that it is dangerous. You can also hear from time to time that AI defeated the best human players in games like chess, Go, Dota or Starcraft. But many are hardly aware of how it is already revolutionizing our world.

This article is not intended to be in-depth technical, but rather an outlook on what will be possible in the future.

Some Comparisons and Examples with a Fish

small preview of the full picture

As an example, I take a photo that I recently took in Basel Zoo. The camera is good, but it's already 7 years old and you can often tell from the photos.

Now there is an AI that can calculate more details into the photo. You get well over 200 megapixels and in practice it looks like this: (below before, above after)

split screen image from both low and high resolution for comparison

The final result has 276 mpx and can be viewed here - warning, the image is tremendously big and might get your computer stuck!

Admittedly, the technology is not yet fully developed. Here and there it delivers rather mediocre results. I hope, however, that I was able to encourage you to deal with AI and its future, to see how the way we work and live changes.

The tools used are from Topaz, but should be used with caution. The technology is just not reliable enough yet, but the company offers a 30-day trial version for those who like to experiment.

it truly looks like from a james bond, doesnt it?

zoomed in image from high res zoomed image from low res