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Interim Report about AI Development and Code Performance Optimisation

The PokerBot and Poker Advisor were two very interesting projects and I learned a lot from both of them! The Poker Advisor picks up the cards from the screen, automatically feeds them into an AI and predicts the outcome of the Hand. Whereas the Pokerbot was planned to play by himself - everything was set up, but online Poker pretty much got banned in Switzerland.


Are you prepared for Artificial Intelligence?

AI startups are springing up everywhere these days. Again and again you hear of artificial intelligence. But if you ask the people, there is often confusion about what AI is.

It is often said that it is dangerous. You can also hear from time to time that AI defeated the best human players in games like chess, Go, Dota or Starcraft. But many are hardly aware of how it is already revolutionizing our world.

This article is not intended to be in-depth technical, but rather an outlook on what will be possible in the future.


Data-Mining the Covid Numbers

Today I want to go a little into Covid data as I see that there is definitely some confusion.

The main reason I started this project was the statement that lockdown policies were tied to the “R-Value” and scientists in the public media said, the R-Value could only be guesstimated – unbelievable for me. So let’s see what we can mine out.

At first which data do we have available in the first place?


Pokerbot Teil 2 - Game ON

Weiter geht es mit dem Pokerbot! Nachdem die ersten Tests recht erfolgreich waren und ich meinen Account als Einsteiger von 100 Satoshi (~0.1 Rappen) auf 2000 mehrfach hochkämpfen konnte, war eins klar: Poker spielen ist gar nicht so einfach. Das mühevoll erkämpfte Kapital kann binnen wenigen unüberlegten Zügen vernichtet sein.